What is Subnub?

SubNub is a new kind of voice based social network. On opening the application you can see ‘rooms’, where people are talking on different topics and are open for everyone to join in the conversation and leave whenever they feel like.

Whenever you enter any room, you enter as an audience. If  you wish to contribute to the discussions, you can raise your hand and request the moderators to invite you to the panel and you can share your thoughts.

You can also host your own rooms and engage the audience with meaningful conversations. This  is a new place to hang out with your friends and new people from other parts of the world and share stories, debate, learn and discuss from infinite topics of your interest and invite people to participate and exchange ideas.

SubNub is a voice only drop-in audio network that reduces your worries you had while having video meetings. With SubNub, you can just stay connected to a room while you’re working, walking, doing household chores or having your evening tea. You don’t have to constantly look into your phone screen because there’s no texts in the comment section and no one will ask to keep your video on.

Voice is considered a very powerful medium of communication and we have expressed ourselves in a better way with audio based communications. The emotions and sentiments conveyed through voice have created  distinct connections.

At SubNub, people can create rooms on current happenings to discuss politics, society, supreme court judgements, books and authors, poetry sessions, sustainability, business strategies, news and mental health. Here rooms can also entertain you with live reviews for your singing, rap, or the new standup content.

It’s a place where they can talk for hours at a time and leave each day feeling better rather than worse, because they’ve deepened friendships, built new ones, and learned something new.

How should I join?

We have built this product for everyone but currently you need and INVITE from a friend who is already on SubNub. Else you have to join the waitlist and we’ll add you as we are ready to go public.

Why isn’t it public?

We are building SubNub for everyone and working to make it available to the world as quickly as possible. It’s not intended to be exclusive; we just aren’t ready to ship the general release version yet.

  1. We are slowly building this community to strengthen the relationships inside the network and grow slowly to each part of the world.
  2. We are a small team and are working full time to give an uninterrupted user experience so that people can stay connected and learn everyday.

What are we working on?

We are immensely grateful  to have this chance to build SubNub—and to each and every individual who has joined our initial beta, shared what they love about it, sent us criticism, and pushed us to think more enthusiastically about significant issues. These are the things that will help us grow and build this community.

In case you're not yet on SubNub you can download the app and reserve your username and we'll let you in. We are so eager to invite you to it and to hear your opinion!